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Current AU International Students


We expect that you will have the same needs and questions as most AU students, with a few concerns that are unique to you as an international student. There are many questions related to being an international student at AU. If you do not find the information you are looking for in the resources below, please contact our office.


Maintaining legal status in the U.S.

One of the most important services our office provides is assistance and advice related to maintaining your visa status.

Disclaimer: U.S. immigration laws are very complex and constantly evolving. The information provided applies only to students at Alfred University, and it is subject to change. OIP advising and resources are not intended to create an attorney/client relationship, nor can either be construed as legal advice. Please meet with the International Programs Coordinator before making applications or seeking benefits.


Employment as an F-1 or J-1 student has important rules and regulations. Each situation varies, so before seeking employment - paid or unpaid - you must contact the Office of International Programs.


Travel outside of the United States may require authorization by AU or your sponsoring organization. If you are planning to travel, please check with the International Programs Coordinator as early as possible to avoid any adverse visa or legal consequences.

Tutoring & Academic Support

Should you find yourself struggling academically, it is important to seek help early. The Office of International Programs can direct you to resources or assistance with writing, English-language support or instruction, or general tutoring. We can also help you navigate challenges in the classroom, and assist with cross-cultural issues. Please contact us if you need help.

Academic assistance is available for most classes at Alfred.  Group tutoring is available for many of the more common or larger classes (such as language and mathematics classes).  In addition, you can contact the services below for additional help.

  • Tutoring: Individual peer tutoring is available for many classes. Students interested in individual peer tutoring should contact the Tutoring Coordinator located in the office of Center for Academic Success. The Tutoring Coordinator will discuss students' concerns with them, review various campus resources, and attempt to arrange one-on-one tutoring, if appropriate.


  • The Writing Center: If you are looking for help with writing essays, the Writing Center can help.  The Writing Center provides free writing assistance to all Alfred University students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, and support personnel. Our student tutors represent a wide range of disciplines, offering help with planning, drafting, and revising. 


  • Center for Academic Success: Center for Academic Success provides support services, consultation, and advocacy for students with learning, physical, and/or psychological disabilities. Services for persons with disabilities complement and support, but do not duplicate, the University's existing services and programs.

English language assistance: AU offers a course in speaking and listening (ESL 401) during the fall semester to help non-native speakers of English gain practice and confidence in speaking English.  In addition, there is an informal, non-credit bearing conversation class offered in Herrick Library twice a week.  Help with writing in English is available at the Writing Center.


The Alfred Community

AU's websites provide a wealth of information on living in Alfredcommunity servicescommunity events, and things to do in the area.